Kathmandu- Horse riding festival is being celebrated in Kathmandu valley. This festival is celebrated on Chaitra Krishna Aunsi according to the date of Chandraman. On the occasion of Jatra, the Nepali Army performs various art skills in Tundikhel. The President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker, Speaker of the National Assembly, Ministers will observe the horsemanship of the army. Even today in Lalitpur, it has been a tradition to celebrate Ghodejatra by running a young horse.
On the occasion of Ghode Jatra, the government has given a public holiday in Kathmandu Valley.

Why is Ghodejatra celebrated ?

A demon named Gurumapa used to live in a tree in the east-south direction of Tundikhel. That monster used to eat small children. When the demon started causing pain all the time, all the victims of the village got together and killed it. However, the fear that the ghost of that monster could wake up and harm the children remained the same in the villages. On the day of Chaitra Krishna Aunsi, Gurumapa’s spirit was crushed by a horse’s hoof. After that, the Ghodejatra festival started to be celebrated on this day every year. Earlier, when there was an open space, horses were used to trample all over the city during this festival. However, now, after the expansion of the settlement, horses are dug only in Tundikhel. Even now, Gurumapa is given food at the foot of the same tree in Tundikhel on the night of Ghodejatra so that no children of the city are in danger.


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