Bhaktapur- Bhaktapur’s famous Biska: On Friday, Kumha located in Talaq, performed Lha Marumh Yosindyo, meaning a lingo without hands, in the village on Friday. Green grass and flowers are placed on the top of the yosindyo to bid farewell to the old year and the day before the arrival of the new year.

Every year on the day of Chait Masanta, Yosindyo: Thadayan and on the 5th day of Baisakh, the Biska Jatra is held for nine days and eight nights. According to cultural experts, after the discord between the state and the local Prajapati community, the practice of erecting a lingo without hands by the local people started before the lingo of Yosinkhyo, which was erected by the state in the Malla period.

According to cultural experts, raising this lingo is of great importance in the Newar community as Bisket Jatra ends after the handless lingo is thrown down. There is a religious belief that seeing the lingo jatra brings happiness, peace, prosperity, prosperity and the destruction of enemies.


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